My Lists Of Rums

Rum, Rum, Rum…

Rums I Have On Hand

These are the rums that I currently have lying around. I’ve tried most of them, but have yet to fully review them. Many are unopened – I’ll get to them as the mood strikes me. If you’d like to know more about any one in particular, please leave a comment. I’ll answer what I can, or do a full review if necessary.

Any of the ones that I have reviewed here are linked to my review post.

10 Cane
Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum
Agua Luca Cachaca
Angostura 1824
Angostura 1919
Angostura Caribbean Rum Cream
Appleton Estate Extra
Appleton Estate V/X
Appleton Estate 21-year-old
Appleton Special
Appleton White
Bacardi O
Bacardi Superior White
Bacardi Gold
Barbancourt 5-Star 8-year-old
Barbancourt White
Barrows’ Grand Reserve
Beleza Pura Cachaça
Beleza Pura Caipirinha
Boca Loca Cachaça
Braddah Kimo’s Da Bomb Extreme Rum
Brinley Coffee
Brinley Vanilla
Brugal White
Bugal Añejo
Cabana Cachaça
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut
Captain Morgan Tattoo
Castries Peanut Creme
Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Rum
Clèment Premiére Canne
Clèment Creole Shrub
Clèment VSOP Rhum
Cockspur 5-Star Fine Rum
Cockspur 12
Cruzan Black Cherry
Cruzan Blackstrap
Cruzan Coconut
Cruzan Estate Dark
Cruzan Estate Diamond
Cruzan Premium Light
Cruzan Rum Cream
Cruzan Single Barrel Estate
Depaz Blue Cane Agricole
Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
DonQ Cristal
DonQ Gold
DonQ Limon
Doorly’s XO
El Dorado White
El Dorado Gold
El Dorado 12-year-old
El Dorado 15-year-old
El Dorado 21-year-old
El Dorado Rum Cream
English Harbour 5-year-old
Fazenda Mae De Ouro Cachaça
Flor De Caña 18-year-old
Flor de Caña 21
Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4-year-old
Flor de Caña Gold 4-year-old
Foursquare Spiced Rum
Gosling’s Black Seal
Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum
Gosling’s Gold
Havana Club Añejo Blanco
Inner Circle Green Dot
J.M. Rhum VSOP
Kaniche Guadeloupe
Kaniche Martinique
Khukri Coronation
Leblon Cachaça
Lemon Hart Demerrara
Lemon Hart Demerrara 151
Malibu Coconut
Maui Gold
Maui Dark
Montecristo 12-year-old
Mount Gay Eclipse
Mount Gay Extra Old
Mount Gay Special Reserve
Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum
Myers’s Original Dark
Myers’s Platinum
Neisson Blanc
Neisson Reserve Speciale
Old Monk
One Barrel
Palo Viejo White
Palo Viejo Gold
Pango Spiced Rhum
Plantation Grand Reserve Barbados
Plantation Trinidad 1991
Plantation Trinidad 1993
Plantation Venezuela 1992
Prichard’s Crystal Rum
Prichard’s Fine Rum
Prichard’s Sweet Georgia Belle
Pyrat Blanco
Pyrat Pistol
Pyrat XO
Rochinha 5-year-old Cachaca
Ron Barcelo Dorado
Ron Barcelo Imperial
Ron Botran Añejo
Ron Del Barrillito 3-Star
Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva
Ron Matusalem Platino
Ron Pampero Anniversario
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23-year-old
Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum
Santa Teresa 1796
Santa Teresa Gran Reserva
Santa Teresa Orange Liqueur
St. James Hors D’Age
St. James Royal Ambre
Temptryst Cherrywood
Temptryst Coconut
Temptryst Mesquite
Temptryst Tropical Light
Tommy Bahama Golden Sun
Tommy Bahama White Sand
Trois Rivire Agricole Blanc
Vizcaya VXOP
Westerhall Plantation Rum
Wray & Nephew Overproof
Zaya Gran Reserva

Rums I Need To Replenish

Strolling through some liquor stores, I have been seeing rums that I have had in the past, but have finished off. I need to restock these so I can do some proper tasting notes and comparisons.

Ron Zacapa Centenario 15-year-old
(Geez, short list now that I’ve finally updated it…)

I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of right now…

Rums I’d Like To Try

I do a lot of research on rums, reading books and scouring the Internet for information. I’ve started to carry a (rather long) list of rums in the car, just in case I drive by a promising liquor store. This is the list of rums that I’d like to try, in no particular order. If you know where any of them might be found in New England, please let me know. (Please, please let me know!)

And help me in damning the Massachusetts government for not allowing liquor shipments from out of state!

Appleton Legacy
Fazenda Mae De Ouro Single Barrel 5-year-old Cachaca
Flor De Cana (7-year-old, 12-year-old)
Gran Blason
Inner Circle (Red Dot, Black Dot)
Jack Tar Superior Dark Rum
Myers’ Legend
Tortuga 5-year-old, 12-year-old
Ypioca 160


84 Responses to “My Lists Of Rums”

  1. CAMC Says:

    You should definitely take a road trip to NYC…many of your “like to try” bottles are readily available here. After being in a rye “rut” my bartender introduced me to rum beyond white and juicy/fruity via Pyrat XO, Santa Teresa 1796 and one more (name escapes me at the moment). I asked my wife to hide my wallet.


    • david moran Says:

      try havana club 7 yr. it is equal to st. james amber. they are the best two best rums i have drunk.

      • cjmat7 Says:

        It is my favorite. This is as good as it goes. How did you bring it to the States

      • Scottes Says:

        You can’t get Havana Club in the States because it’s from Cuba. You can find it in Canada if you live near a border. Or most any other country in the world.

  2. scottes Says:

    I’m planning to get down to NYC for the RumFest in October, so I will be sure to check out a few liquor stores when I’m there. (Two reasons for the trip!)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Cleezo Says:

    Castries Peanut Rum Creme is the best!!!

  4. scottes Says:

    Can you help me find it in Massachusetts, though? I’d love to get my hands on some.

  5. Geoff_Shawcross Says:

    Hello Scottes……I’ve noticed you seem to be missing a VERY excellent rum from your lists. It’s called “Captain Morgan’s Private Stock Rum”. It’s a sipping rum, and a very good one at that. It has a wonderful dark amber colour, and an amazing arroma! And listening to that cork pop out everytime you open it is music to the ears………..Oh, and greetings from POTN.

  6. scottes Says:

    Geoff – I’ve actually been waiting for my friend Phil to buy some, which he does occasionally. I’m not so sure that I want to spend the money on it, but I do want to try it.

    Have you ever tried Foursquare Spiced? It has a very different taste than the regular Captain Morgan, but is fantastic stuff. Very natural, no artificial tastes at all. Excellent stuff. If you like spiced rums I urge you to give it a try.

    • MerryAnn Says:

      Scott, I’ve always been a regular Captian Morgan (not private stock) fan and am curious why you have no comments on such a popular brand?

    • Lesley fleming Says:

      hi there i recently fell in love with cruzan black cherry rum on holiday and am trying to get hold of a bottle (or a few) but have not been very successful in finding someone who will ship to me in uk, dundee,scotland. Do you or have you any in stock and if so can you ship to me and give me info on the costsof this. many thanks.x

  7. Geoff_Shawcross Says:

    Hmm….I’ll have to look for that one. The liqour store I usually go to has a good selection of Rum’s and Scotch’s.

    Oh, trust me……The “Private Stock” is definately worth the price of a bottle. It’s very smooth and great for enjoying on your own or with a friend that actually gives a crap about good spirits.

  8. Johan Says:

    Interesting site, Scottes. Stumbled upon it last night and I just have to say that this is probably the first time in my life I’ve read every post on a blog front to back.. Then again, rum has been my favorite topic as of late!

    I’m pretty new to the world of rum myself, but have managed to build up a small collection.. Containing amongst others the Plantation Grande Reserve that you so crave.. It’s such sweet irony that some of the rums you’re requesting are so readily available here in Denmark but at a price that you would probably not agree with. You’re ranting and raving about the Ron Zacapa being expensive at around $40 a bottle. I thought my bottle was a bargain at around $75, they’re usually $100 a bottle here 😉 Needless to say, my bottle is standing around uncapped waiting for that special occasion to sample that sweet, sweet nectar I’ve hear so much about!

    Cheers! 🙂

  9. scottes Says:

    Thanks Johan. I’m very glad you found it so interesting.

    I have to say that I didn’t mean to rant about the Zacapa being expensive. Compared to many cognacs or single malts it’s a bargain! Even when compared to other rums, I will happily pay the $40, and have done so many times! And I’m sorry that it cost you so much! That has to hurt – but any rum this good is worth it, at least once – which is what I said when I paid $235 for the Pyrat Cask 1623. Once. So far…

  10. Johan Says:

    Didn’t mean to give you a hard time at all, mate.. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, so when I saw you mentioning the price two or three times, in my mind that became a rant.. Hehe!

    It did hurt… Somewhat! But then again, the money that went into it was an unexpected gift from my father, so I figured why not spoil myself? With the price level on spirits and what have you in Denmark, I figured why not treat myself to a nice sipping rum that I can enjoy again and again, rather than spending it all on a night out on town as many other youngsters would have spend it.

    In my neck of the woods, we generally expect spirits to be expensive, especially the good stuff.. As I told my friends earlier; I don’t mind paying, say, $40 for a bottle, if I can take just one sip of it and feel not the least bit disappointed.. Which is probably why I appreciate sites like yours because I can browse around and get a general feeling of rums before actually going out on a whim and coughing up serious bucks on a questionable bottle of rum!

  11. scottes Says:

    Oh, no worries! I was just confused, that’s all, wondering if I had actually complained about the price.

    If you like the Ron Zacapa 23, you’ll probably find the 15-year-old to be quite similar, though maybe not as sweet or as smooth – but it certainly is cheaper. And the Zaya is also similar – not as sweet as the RZ 23, not as smooth, but richer and fuller with a nice spicy finish.

    All 3 might be too similar if you like to try different things, though.

  12. Johan Says:

    After reading your reviews and thoughts, then Zaya definitively sounds interesting.. Though I haven’t seen it anywhere around here! And I’ve really still to try the Ron Zacapa 23 before deciding where to go! I have this weird feeling that the Santa Teresa 1796 may be my next buy. That or a well-aged Appelton Estate if I can get it at a good price.

    That’s of course not counting the El Dorado 15 year old and Havana Club 7-year-old I’ll be getting my greedy little hands on any day now.

  13. mike Says:

    If you havn’t tried Legendario elixir de cuba 7 year, try it if you ever visit cuba. I believe it is the only place you can buy it. It is by far the sweetest, smoothest sipping rum i have ever had. All you need is to pour some over ice and enjoy!!!

  14. Mike Says:

    Nice list. You should add New Orleans Rum to it. I never would’ve figured this brand for much more than just tourist grade rum, but man is it tasty. They lost a lot of their aged stock during the hurricane, but the next batch of 3 yr. is due out next year. Also, I’ve had really good luck with for mail-order. They’ve got a great selection including One Barrel from Belize. Give ’em a shot.

  15. Scottes Says:

    The New Orleans rums have interested me for some time, but Jeff Berry’s Sippin’ Safari really put it on the list, since he recommends it for several Tiki recipes. But I forgot to add it to my list, so thanks for reminding me.

    As to HiTimeWine, I can’t get deliveries from them since they won’t ship to Massachusetts. Though I could work around this, I still have many rums that I have yet to review, so I’m not desperate enough. Yet.

  16. cbenson Says:

    Man, what a list of rums. I thought I was bad even though I’ve only been at this rum thing for a year now. I came across this site doing a search on google looking for the Ron Zacapa Centarino 23. I was able to have a glass of it at Rumjungle in Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and it’s just fantastic. I see you think so as well which is funny. If you ever go to Vegas you need to go to rum jungle. They have tons of rums.. literally. Most expensive one they have (listed anyway) is the Cask 23 for $60 a glass. Your top 2 are pretty much my top 2. 🙂

    I have some of the rums that you are looking for. I have the Pyrat Cask 23 which I actually got at the Pyrat warehouse in Anguilla when we visited there last summer. They even gave us a tour of sorts of the warehouse. Check out these pix. There’s a little caption under each picture. It’s amazing all of the Pyrat flows through this little warehouse. Needless to say I guarded that $200 bottle of Cask 23 big time on the ferry ride back across to St. Martin and all the way back home. 🙂 I also have a couple of bottles of the Havana Club 7 year old (real stuff from Cuba complete with sticker on the bottle). 1 bottle of Havana Club Reserva and a Blanco. I’ll be getting a couple more bottles of the 7 year from my buddies that live in Amsterdam when they visit in a few months. It’s really really good. I actually like to mix it with coke. You can pound a whole bottle that way in one night as I found out one evening in St. Maarten. haha Question though, do you drink all of these straight or do you mix some with coke or some other cola or something? I have my rum for 2 reasons: One for sipping and one for mixing. Usually you can tell by the price.

  17. Daniel Says:

    Have you tried RON ABUELO, there is a 5 yr and a 7 yr. and I think an older one as well. Dirty cheap in panama and good bargain for the money.

  18. Dan Carey Says:

    What about Clarke’s Court from Grenada? You can get rum shipped into New Hampshire, if you want.

  19. Scottes Says:

    Ah yes, that is one that I’ve heard good things about. And they’ve won a number of medals, too.

    Do you know any place that carries it? I did some searches and couldn’t find anything around here…

  20. John Gubbins Says:

    I am trying to locate a rum known as ‘Vaughans’ that my father used to drink in the 1960/70’s in London.

    Have you heard of this rum and is it possible that it is called something else.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as i am currently at a loose end!

  21. Scottes Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know, but you should post the question at the Ministry Of Rum forums:

  22. Alex Neuman Says:

    Hey there, I was wondering if you had gotten around to tasting Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum. Though I haven’t tried many rums, it’s one of my favorites and I was hoping maybe you could suggest some similar rums.

  23. Scottes Says:

    I’ve had Sailor Jerry’s, but have not yet reviewed it. I liked it more than Captain Morgan’s, but not nearly as much as Foursquare Spiced. I have 5 or 6 spiced rums right now, and plan on doing a comparison review when I get time – which might not be for a couple weeks at least. A 5- or 6-way comparison takes some dedication and time.

  24. Alex Neuman Says:

    Thanks Scott, I’ll give that a shot. I look forward to reading the comparisons when you have them up.

  25. Adam Says:

    Looking at your list of rums youre looking for, not sure which ones you still haven’t tried:
    Appleton Legacy, Ive got two bottles at my home.
    Myers’ Legend I have at home.
    One Barrel, I have 10 bottles at my bar.
    Oronoco, we have a revolving supply at my bar as we sell it well.

    The myers and appleton products were both bought in the caribbean, I know you cant get appleton master’s blend in the US. I had the honor of meeting and hanging out with David Morrison, Joy Spence’s future succesor at Appleton. He was a great guy and you can’t taste his rums in the Master’s Blend, as his rums are the V/X and the Reserve, which are notably different than Joy’s Extra and 21 Year.

  26. Scottes Says:

    I did grab a bottle of the Oronoco while I was in NYC, so I’m looking forward to trying that. The others, though, are still on my list to get… I may visit a friend in Canada this winter, so I’ll be looking forward to searching for the Legacy.

  27. Joe Weber Says:

    I live in Washington State and have found a rum from Canada that I would like your opinion of. It is Lamb’s Navy Rhum, I find it very nice but bit on the molasses side. What can you tell me about it. It’s not available down here stateside that I can fined.
    Another I just bought is Tommy Bahama’s Golden Sun I found it even more pleasant than Pyrat’s XO.
    Thanks in advance for your coments.

  28. Scottes Says:

    I can’t tell you anything about it specifically, because I’ve never run into it. But Navy Rums are generally a strong and potent mix of demerara rums from Guyana, strong Jamaican rums and some light rums from Trinidad. Pusser’s is using the original British Navy formula. I think the Lamb’s is a bit stronger in taste, but I’m not positive. They take some getting used to.

    And you are the first person I’ve heard mention that they like Tommy Bahama! Let alone to rate it that highly. I have yet to taste it, since I have tons of stuff that are (supposed to be) better, but I may have to set it higher on the list.

  29. Adam Says:


    I’ve encountered a few people who have expressed a lot of interest at my bar about that Lamb’s Navy rum. Coincidentally, they were both military– one air force and the other marines. When I mention the Pusser’s rum, they didn’t like it. They did, however, enjoy the Cruzan Black Strap, which claims to be a navy rum. Cruzan Black Strap is a great rum to pair with a dessert!!

  30. Michel Says:

    Just got back from Cayman Island and brought back 12 year old Tortuga Gold Rum…if I knew how fantastic this rum was I would have left all my clothes over to make room for more! Does anyone knows where can I find this incredible rum in Canada or US East Coast…as Cayman is not exactly next door from home! Thanks!

  31. Scottes Says:

    I emailed Tortuga back in June, and Robert Hamaty said that the 5- and 12-year-old rums were not available in the US and wouldn’t be for some time. I still can’t find either anywhere in the US.

  32. Michel Says:

    Thanks for your reply. In return I believe that this link will make your life and your collection a bit more “complete”!

    Enjoy Tortuga by April 08! Take care and out!

  33. Scottes Says:

    Sweet! I’m looking forward to getting a bottle of the 12-year-old. I’ve sampled the 5, and it was good, and I’ve heard that the 12 is much better. Can’t wait…

  34. Eve Clarke Says:

    Please tell me where I can buy Appleton White rum. I live in the UK. Thanks.

  35. Scottes Says:

    The Vintage House or the Whiskey Exchange, both in London, should carry it.

  36. PJ Says:

    If you have not had the pleasure of RIVERS RUM from Grenada, you do not know what you are missing. It will curis overproof and will put hair on your chest or light your bbq!!!!!

  37. brg Says:

    Two more rums from Texas, Treaty Oak Rum and Railean.

  38. sandro selmi Says:

    ciao Scott your blog is “favoloso” i would like to suggest you a new rum I found lately and I liked very much.

    Caroni, old legend Trinidad rum 15yo 43.4 degrees – i will buy shortly also the Caroni 22yo – 52 degrees

    I would like your review about the two Santa Teresa you have in your “rumeria” the Santa Teresa 1796 is very good. I don’t like The gran reserva because the only thing you can taste is the alcool.
    best sandro


    since i found four square in barbados; everytime i go i have to buy it. i end up drinking it all on the ship. you can buy it in attleboro, massachusetts at yankee liquors.

  40. jz Says:

    Vizcaya Vxop, seems to be one of the fastest growing premium rums in the market. ask the bartender at the Ritz Carlton rum bar how he feels about the taste of the Vizcaya.also the judges at the Ministry of Rum or Polished Palate, it is not supposed to be mixed, but to drink it neat. It gives a layered taste, of spices, cinnamon going in and smooth and sweet going down

  41. David Collinson Says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy Westerhall Plantation Rum in the UK or any person or company who would ship it to me from overseas?

  42. Scottes Says:

    I can’t find any place in the UK that lists it, or any European company that will ship. However, I must say that I’m not so sure that the Westerhall is something that I would really struggle to get. It’s pretty good, and worth the money when you can get it at a local shop, but I’d have a hard time justifying much more than $30 for a bottle (and $25 is a more reasonable target price). Shipping alone would probably cost more than this rum is worth.

  43. neal Says:

    have you tried Bacardi 8 was wondering what your take is on this rum. I agree with your opinion on Bacardi Superior but it does seem to blend well for cocktails. Thanks for all the reviews it is a fun read and even more fun to try some of your recco’s.

  44. Rod Kaufman Says:

    I picked up a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum and I don’t know what to think about it. I was hoping you could give me (and us) a professional opinion.

    By the way, love the site! Thanks

  45. Scottes Says:

    As I mentioned above, “I’ve had Sailor Jerry’s, but have not yet reviewed it. I liked it more than Captain Morgan’s, but not nearly as much as Foursquare Spiced.” I like the vanilla tones of the Sailor Jerry’s, but it’s still a bit artificial. I’ve heard that it’s great with Coke, but have yet to try that.

  46. Rolley Says:

    Hey Scott,
    Love your rum blog, it’ll be a resource for me for a long time no doubt! Like you I also love the Appleton Estate rums, they’d be my favourites so far, along with the Angostura ones, which I seem to like perhaps a little more than you.
    I was wondering if you’ve tried any Australian rums? The state I live in has a long history with sugar cane, and the industry still thrives. We’ve had quite a few distilleries, they come and go, but one has lasted the years and produces probably Australia’s most famous rum. The Bundaberg Rum distillery.
    It is so popular, that almost every big event we have in our city, all of the rum is usually sold out in less than an hour. No joke, Queenslanders are huge rum drinkers.
    Personally, I don’t particularly like the rums they make that much.. despite this, I think everyone should try them – they are extremely unique in flavour, I’d say THE most unique style of rum I’ve ever had. Bold statement I know. I find that rums often taste roughly similar depending on their country of origin, stilling method etc, and the “bundy” rums are like nothing else. They’re overwhelmingly strong in flavour, harsh even I’d say, nothing like the smooth lovelyness of an Appleton Estate or similar styled rum.
    The Bundaberg 8 or Bundaberg Black is interesting – probably the best of their rums. They have the standard Bundaberg Under Proof; Over Proof; and Distillers 3 (a tripple filtered version of the UP rum – which is smoother).
    Another thing they have, which these days they only sell at the distillery, is a beautiful blend of rum with coffee and chocolate liquor – wonderful on the rocks with a dash of cream.
    Anyway, I’m just interested to see if you’ve had any Australian rums, what you thought, etc ; )
    Happy rum drinking : )

    Rolley from Queensland Australia.

  47. Stephen Says:

    You should add Railean Reserve XO to your list of rums you want to try. I don’t know if it’s widely available outside of Texas, but it’s worth trouble to find it.

  48. datsdnar Says:

    Hmmm…I don’t see Pusser’s on your list…

  49. JT Says:

    Your list isn’t complete without my new favorite spiced rum –
    Kilo Kai. The complexity arises in the flavors of anise, vanilla, banana, cherry, nutmeg and orange peels. You really have to try it.

  50. Just Bob Says:

    Scott, great site! All my money goes to Zaya. I even boot leg it to the Bahamas to my second stash. The glass in the bottle is really thick and that’s good for traveling in the suit case.
    Just Bob

  51. Kim Bonsteel Says:

    Hello, I noticed a rum on your list I might suggest you put on the fast track for a tasting: One Barrel (Belize).

  52. Mark Johnson Says:

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you taste the Tommy Bahama White. I bought it based on Eric Felten’s recommendation in his column, and he didn’t steer me wrong: it’s excellent. I predict you’ll feel that way too. Try it and see for yourself.

    Obligatory Mai Tai comment: my buddies from She COGG Oh, Illinois, gave me a Bob Chinn’s Crab House (Wheeling, IL) “World Famous Mai Tai” last month. It includes pineapple juice, orange juice, Mrs. T’s Mai-Tai prepared mix, and zero (absolutely zero) lime juice. I didn’t like it as much as I like the ones I buy each week at Trader Vic’s bar/restaurants here in NorCal. But then, I’m not a Midwesterner (and they are).

    Hyperlink to Bob Chinn “Illinois Style” Mai Tai recipe:

  53. wmp35 Says:

    You have reviewed some extremely obscure rum, but you haven’t even reviewed Captain Morgan Original or Private Stock, two of the most popular rums in the world.

  54. Scottes Says:

    In the world of good rums, very very few of these rums are “obscure.”

    I have had Captain Morgan Original many times over my life, and it’s not a rum worth discussing. I have had the Private Stock many times, and though it’s much better it’s still not a rum that I would purchase with my own money. Thus, it hasn’t been reviewed here.

  55. olley Says:

    Have you had a chance to open your bottle of Vizcaya VXOP? Any review/thoughts about it?

  56. Scottes Says:

    The Vizcaya is excellent – one of my favorites. Highly recommended.

  57. natasha Says:

    hey, my husband and i tried the zacapa rum on holiday and loved it. thought it would make a lovely christmas gift. when i looked online i saw 2 different bottles. on is the xo, and more expensive. Is it worth it? I dont want to assume that the more you pay the better the drink, but i dont know much about expensive rum. Could you help me decide? Shall i go for the centanario 23 or the xo?

    Also , do you buy onine, if so which retailer do you use?

    Look forward to hearing from you

  58. André Says:

    Ron Millonario, a 15 year old rum from Peru was the one that opened my eyes to more than just rum and coke.
    According to the website ( there is an American retailer. Don’t know if it’ll help you though, considering your state laws.

  59. Manny Says:

    Hey, I am a rum lover, even considered adding rum reviews to my current website but I am afraid that could get a bit constly since I would probably buy bottles upon bottles of rums rather than what I do now, a bottle here and there when the mood strikes. anyhow, since you love the ron Zapaca 23, you should seek out Ron Centenario fundacion 20 years aged. I have a few bottles of Zapaca, and call me crazy but I always end up going right back to the Fundacion, it is my favorite rum, it is sweeter (you and I both agree on liking those rums better) and it just goes down so much smoother while the tastes are very similar. Try it, maybe I’m crazy but I find it to be a better buy than the Z 23. Do E-mail me directly if you can once you have tasted it, i’ve looked on other sites and they are usually rated in the same bracket.

  60. Croc Says:

    Does anyone have any rare Australian Bundaberg Rums?

  61. Capn Jimbo Says:

    Nice to be back at your blog Scotte, and just had to post when I found this series on flavored rums (and I’m not talking about the many allegedly pure rums that have been altered).

    Of the honestly labeled “flavored” or “spiced” rums, Sue Sea and I couldn’t agree more that Foursquare by Richard Seale sets a standard in terms of uniqueness, authenticity, interest and quality.

    You might also check out ESA Fields Rum, also from Barbados, also done by Seale for the gentleman – a doctor – who created this extremely unique flavored white flavored sipping rum that is hugely popular in Barbados.

    Don’t hesitate to buy one if you come across a bottle.

    Another world class rum in this category is Old Monk XXX from India which uses authentic and marvelously blended spices in one of the few flavored rums that can keep up with Foursquare.

    As for Morgan, Jerry et al these are really pretty uninteresting. The Bacardi and Cruzan flavored are, in general, way too singular and often artificial gimmicky marketing products.

    For those who are interested in Old Monk, ESA Field and Foursquare, we have reviewed them all at The Rum Project forum in the flavored section.

    Best regards,
    Capn Jimbo and Sue Sea

  62. Lee Says:

    Great pages Scotte!
    I am interested in what you think about the El Dorado line of rums from Guyana? Specifically the 12 and 15 yr olds.
    I assume you will review and post in the future -since I see it on your list without a review link?


    • Scottes Says:

      I love the El Dorado rums. They are mentioned here and there, but there’s no dedicated review for any. They are one of my favorite brands, and the 25-year-old is one of my favorite rums. The 12 and 15 are priced much more reasonably, and are also fantastic. The 12 is priced low enough to mix with a clear conscience, and the 15 is one of of my go-to rums for a sipping session. The depth in these rums is incredible.

  63. Chuck Says:

    If you like / love rum,,,you have to experience Thomas Tew. Made in Newport, RI at the same place Newport Storm Beer is made.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    You really ought to try Ron Abuelo. I don’t see it get much attention and would like to see what you think considering some of your other favorites.

  65. Charlie Malone Says:

    I visit your website often. I enjoy your comments. I am a devout Rum drinker. I lived in Florida for 50 years and enjoyed the availability of great rums in all the Islands. I am retired in NC and all the liqueur stores are state owned and you buy what is available. Terrible!
    I have been giving a bottle of Havana Club Añejo 7 yr old to my Skin Cancer Doctor for the last few years. He enjoys it very much. My source of that bottle is depleted at this time so I need a temporary substitute. Could you please recommend that substitute or more?
    Thank you

  66. Aron Says:

    I have ben colledting bottles of rum (rhum) for many years. I think I have over 100 unopened bottles large and small. One of my Favorates is Westerhall from Greanda – My sipping rum is now Pyrat. There are no 2 rums alike and many like Westerhall are made in small batches and taste different from batch to bactch…. Happy Rhum Drinking – Aron

  67. Richard Woosey Says:

    I have bottle of Woods Old Charlie 70 proof Finest Jamaica Rum it was opened over 38 years ago and vhas been on a shelf untouched since will it have deteriated as undrinkable.
    Has it any value. An answer would be apreciated.

    • Scottes Says:

      The flavor has almost certainly changed since it was opened, but might still be drinkable. Since it was opened, it would have little value, if any.

      • r, Says:

        Many thanks for your reply. Having tasted a lttle and giveing me an
        unpleasant feeling in my stomach I will leave it alone even though I am
        an addicted rum drinker . Thaks again and all the best for the new
        yearR Woosey

  68. Alex Says:

    Definitely give Koloa Rum a try. Made in Hawaii on the island of Kauai

  69. Aron Says:

    I am in N.J. can you get me info on N.Y. Rum Fest… I will so be there…

  70. Jerry Crangi Says:

    I found an empty rum bottle on the street in Montivideo Uruguay. The label read “Navigate Rum”. I neglected to look for a country of origin. It had a peculiar label with a drawing of a black woman on the label. I asked around and it is not from Uruguay. I could not find it in any store either. I have not been able to find any reference to it on the web.

  71. Tony Ayres Says:

    Hi, just found this thread, most interesting, to know that there are so many professional rum drinkers. I am always looking for old charlie jamacian rum and note that Woosey has a bottle, did you dispatch it or keep it in the end? Does anyone else know what it tastes like as i have an un opened bottle, waiting for a special occasion.
    Thanks Tony

  72. Da Says:

    You all should move to “Wersgington,” um ,of course I ment Washington, all though we may be a bit behind, I think that we have a pretty good understanding of the importance of importing good rum. And yes I agree, some states just suck up all the good juice, and keep it for themselves. Of course we are a blue state, and just full of liberals, and baby haters, and all the others, that you East coasters don’t understand, but hey! It’s all about freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.Right? And speaking of trying new stuff, I just looked up at some of the best Rums and found one from my wife’s country, of Peru. I think it’s called Cartivelo, or something like that, please let me know if you’ve ever heard of it, or better yet tried it. And if you ever get a chance, please get back,and it would be great to see a picture of your Bar. Thanks brother. One rummy to another. David (planttdaddy@yahoo. Com)

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