Rum Gets Some Respect

An excellent little article about rum is in the July 5th issue of Time Magazine, due out any day.

In the premium-spirits industry, rum is the new Cognac. A drink whose reputation is usually linked with British sailors and Caribbean pirates … has suddenly risen above Captain Morgan to compete with Napoléon.

Read the article here.


Waiter, may I see your rum list, please

I stumbled upon this article from the Miami Herald while googling for rum pages. It’s interesting, talking about how “fashionable” rum is becoming, and how the rum market is growing. This isn’t news, really, but putting this in print is a blow to rum connoisseurs who’ll soon be paying more for their rum once the dandies find out it’s so damn good. Look at what they did to tequila! Some time ago you could find great tequila at excellent prices, but the unwashed masses caught on to its tastes and started buying it, which drove the prices up, and the stock down, which drove the prices up… And then came “designer” tequilas, which drove the prices up even more. Tommy Bahama is already doing this to rum, marketing some less-than-good (from what I’ve heard) bottling from R. L. Seales. Designer rums, egads!

And rum is so much better than tequila! Rum has an incredible range of tastes, from molasses to cane sugar rums, to agricoles and cachacas. And rum has been made for hundreds of years, with finesse and skill. Just wait until the masses get their hands on this stuff. I can easily imagine the day when I’ll be reminiscing about a $35 bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23-year-old.

Well, there are some good things about this “new rum scene” – like the new all-rum bars like the Rumba here in Boston. I like that, even though I’ve yet to visit the place. Bars that stock more – and different – rums are definitely a good thing. And maybe rum companies will step up the quality, and it’s even possible that some new designer rum will actually be good enough to buy, and yet cheap enough to buy twice.

Personally I think this up-and-coming rum thing is a bad thing. There are hundreds of rums I have yet to taste, and I don’t want to buy them at yuppie designer prices.

Let’s hope the unwashed masses stick to vodka.

Tasting Rum

In this thread over at the Ministry Of Rum forum, Ed Hamilton describes how he goes through the process of tasting a rum. It’s an interesting quick read, as the process definitely differs from tasting wine, cognac, or whiskeys.

Cachaca vs Agricole

I just stumbled onto an intersting thread, Cachaça vs. Rhum Agricole, over on Drinkboy’s forums. This is a great discussion about the differences between Cachaca and Agricole. I found it to be quite interesting. On the surface they sound the same – both are made from fresh sugar cane juice – but the rest of the story gets to be quite different.

It also made me realize that I need to get my hands on some more Cachacas and Agricoles, in order to compare them to each other and also amongst themselves. I only have 1 Cachaca (Leblon) and the 3 or 4 Agricoles (Clement, St. James, Kaniche) that I have are all aged (at least a little). Not a correct comparison. So I need another young Cachaca, a couple aged ones, and a couple young Argicoles.

My curiousity may have to wait a bit, as my wallet is cringing from the thought of springing for 5 more rums.