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Whenever I check the statistics for this blog I always check the Search Terms section. This lists various phrases that people have used in some search engine which somehow produced a link to this page. Checking this list gives me an idea of what some people are looking for. People often search for reviews of rums I have not yet tried but are listed on my List Of Rums. And that sometimes gives me incentive to try to post something about it. Alas, I don’t do that often enough so I thought I’d take up some space “answering” some of those searches as best as I can.

“coyopa rum review”
I bought a bottle of this recently and tried a little. I wasn’t very impressed – it’s decent enough but outrageously priced for what you get. I used it to mix a giant batch of Pina Coladas and it was very good, but $50 for a general mixer is insane.

“cruzan vs bacardi
Cruzan is better, and much cheaper. Check out my review of 5 White Rums.

“leather covered rum bottle”
That would be Ron Pampero Anniversario, which I’ve had numerous times but have not fully reviewed it. It’s excellent, and will certainly land in my Highly Recommended list.

“how much zacapa centenario”
About $35-$40, at least in Massachusetts, for the 23-year-old. The 15-year-old is a bit lower. Both are worth every penny.

“The best rum for a mojito”
So far, my vote is for Ron Matusalem Platino for an “authentic” Mojito. Jeffrey Morgenthaler recently posted an excellent article about Mojitos, and the Comments list a number of opinions about which rum to use.

“new rums to try”
Check out my Rum Rankings list and start from the top and go down.

“flor de cana in nyc”
I believe Astor’s Wines and Spirits carries it.

“how to drink rum neat”
I pretty much follow Edward Hamilton’s suggestions. They can be found here.

“solera process”
My review on Ron Zacapa 23-year-old describes it and this Wikipedia article gives some insight and history.

“sweetest rum”
I’d say the Pyrat Pistol from all of those that I’ve tasted. The Clément Créole Shrubb is *much* sweeter, but it’s not a rum, but rather a rum-based orange liqueur.

“rhum forum”
Ministry Of Rum forums.

“make bacardi superior taste good”
1oz Bacardi Superior
1/2 lime, cut & squeezed
2 liters Coke

“tasting note pyrat 1623”
I’ve had this rum, but it was some time ago and I didn’t take notes. It is fantastic, though. I seem to remember it being a more classic rum, nothing like their sweet and orangey XO or Pistol. It’s not cheap, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever pay $240+ for it, but it sure is nice…

“cruzan vs. malibu coconut rum”
What a coincidence! My plans for this weekend include a 3-way between the Cruzan, Malibu, and Parrot Bay coconut rums. Check back in a few days.

“how to open ron centenario rum”
You must have one of the old bottles that’s entirely covered in the straw wrapping. At the base of the “cap” – right on the “shoulder” of the bottle – you should find a thin red line. Find the beginning of that line, and pull around the bottle. It’s much like a pack of cigarettes. Once you’ve pulled all the way around the straw “cap” will lift straight up.

“what is the smoothest rum”
In my opinion, for 80-proof rums, the Ron Zacapa Centenario 23-year-old.

“hoti, saint”
According to Pyrat’s web site, Hoti is “the famous Zen patron saint and protector of little children, fortune tellers, and bartenders.” Checking the web I can’t find out much more about this, so believe at your own risk. Pyrat (and/or Patron) has woven some great stories about their rums…

“easy rum mojitos with lime concentrate”
Don’t do it! Mojitos are easy enough. Heck, I even tried the Stirrings Mojito Mixer, which is quite good but not nearly as good as the real thing and saves about 30 seconds per drink.

“is tommy bahama rum any good”
Not from what I’ve heard, but I did pick up a nip of each in order to do a review. I’m just not psyched to try it…

“lemon hart rum vs captain morgan”
There is no comparison. This is like comparing Brandy to Dr. Pepper. Lemon Hart is a demerara while Captain Morgan is a spiced rum.


Well, that’s about it for now. I did note a bunch of rum reviews that people where searching for, and I’ve made a mental note to push them up in the list. A lot of people are looking for info on Angostura, for instance, and I’d actually like to do a comparison on the 1824 and the 1919 sometimes soon so check back. Many of the other rums are not in my collection nor can I find them anywhere locally, so they’ll just have to wait. But if you see a rum on my lists and would like to get more info, or a full review, please leave a comment.