Rum Run: Lincoln Liquors, Billerica

Lincoln Liquors – aka Mall Liquors – is a funky place that is 2/3 liquor store and 1/3 greeting card store. What the heck is up with that? I like to stop in occasionally because I’ve found some obtuse stuff there, like Marie Brizard Orangero which is apparently no longer made, and I’m not so sure it’s been made for some time since I can’t find any info about it. I’ve also found Doorly’s XO there for $17 as a close-out, and Barrows Grand Reserve for $17 (which was no bargain IMHO, but it’s normally about $45 so I had to try it). They also have occasional oddities like little 200ml Appleton Estate rums, in bottles the exact shape of the regular 750ml. For some reason I didn’t buy one, and now they’re sold out. (I’m sure they exist elsewhere, but I’ve never seen them before).

It’s been a while since I stopped in, so I figured they might have some new stuff, so I popped in. They didn’t have much, really, other than a bottle of Barbancourt 15-year-old for $35. I’ll wait.

But I picked up a slew of other things.

Mount Gay Barbados Sugar Cane Rum – called “Sugar Cane Brandy” elsewhere in the world, US laws require that this be called Rum when sold here. I haven’t had this stuff in a dog’s age – so long ago that I don’t remember it. But I picked it up to add to my collection of Gold Rums since I want to do a comparison of a bunch.

Appleton Special Jamaica Rum, purchased for the same two reasons: It’s gold and it’s been a while for this stuff, too.

A pint bottle of Ron Barcelo Dorado, from the Dominican Republic. I think I bought this because I have been trying to find El Dorado demeraras… But it’s also gold, a pint is cheap, and the Ron Barcelo Imperial is pretty darn good.
A nip of Captain Morgan Tattoo for a spiced rum comparison. But I really need to find a couple more spiced rums if I can. I’ve seen some cheap-ass-looking spiced rums. When the bottle scares me I won’t buy it. But I want to find something like Papagayo which is supposedly sold in Massachusetts. I called their Massachusetts distributor yesterday to find a store that might carry it, but I haven’t heard back from them. I’m getting anxious since the same company distributes El Dorado in Massachusetts. Call me back you bastahds!

A nip of Captain Morgan Parrot Bay for a coconut rum comparison. I actually thought the Cruzan was pretty decent, so I want to do a 3-way shootout with Malibu. Maybe a 4-way if I can find a nip of some other coconut rum, but I really don’t want to have multiple $12 bottles of coconut rum lying around if most of it is crap, so I’ll look for nips.

And two half pints of Palo Viejo, white and gold, to try some other Puerto Rican rum other than Bacardi. And I still can’t find Don Q or Ron de Barrilito, so a PR comparison will have to wait. No, I’m not going to drink Ron Rico neat, or Castillo. I’m just hoping that the Palo Viejo is at least drinkable. Even if it’s not I figure that 3 or 4 rums will give me a decent idea of “The Puerto Rican” style of rum. The so-called “gold” Palo Viejo is so pale that I thought the clerk gave me two bottles of white… Let’s hope it’s not rotgut.

If you’re in the area, and curious, you might want to pop into Lincoln Liquors. Route 3A in Billerica, in the K-Mart plaza right near the town center. You might get lucky and find some interesting spirits. And if you’re hungry, Sichuan Gourmet is in the little strip mall near the set of lights. Fantastic food, and highly recommended.