Rum Run – Joyal’s Liquors

This morning I went out on a Rum Run to look for some particular rums – actually agricole and cachaca. Massachusetts has lousy liquor distribution sometimes, and finding a variety of cachaca has been tough, and agricole is almost non-existent. But after chatting with Edward Hamilton and Cachaca Dave I found that Connecticut had some possibilities of both. Ed gave me some leads on La Favorite and Neisson agricoles, and Dave emailed me a list of places to look for Fazenda Mae De Ouro. I programmed some addresses into my GPS and drove over an hour to Hartford.

Connecticut apparently doesn’t allow liquor stores to be open on Sunday.

What a bust! What a buffoon! I should have known, actually, since I’ve been camping in Connecticut for 12 years. And Massachusetts was dry on Sundays for many many years. I really should have known. Oh well, there’s always next week…

Joyal’s Liquors
On the way home I went out of my way to check out Joyal’s Liquors in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Some Internet searching had implied that they had a good rum selection, and their inventory listed Appleton Estate 21-year-old. For $62. Searches on the web show $89 to be a normal price for this rum, and I love Appleton rums, so I headed over.

It was well worth it. Joyal’s stocks a very nice selection of rums (and one hell of a selection of single malts, if you like that stuff). I got the Appleton 21, a bottle of Ron Botran Anejo (a 12-year-old from Ron Zacapa), English Harbor 5-year-old (which I’ve heard very good things about) and a bottle of Clement Creole Shrubb (an orange rum liqueur – which makes sense after sampling the Pyrat XO).

In addition to the rums I got, Joyal’s had many of the “standard” good rums – Ron Zacapa 15 and 23, Zaya, Montecristo 12-year-old, Pyrat XO, Ron Pampero, Lemon Hart Demerrara (not the 151 though) and a slew of other top shelf rums. They had a few others that caught my eye – Diplomatico, Starr African, and D’Aristi – but these need some online research before I buy them on a whim. (If you have knowledge of these last three please leave a comment.)

Joyal’s definitely goes on my list of worthwhile stops for people looking for good rums. And their prices are very good, compared to what I usually pay in Massachusetts. They even have their rum inventory online.

Joyal’s Liquors
90 West Warwick Ave. Rte 117
West Warwick, RI

All in all it was a good rum weekend. I just have to wait until I’m in the mood to try this Appleton Estate 21-year-old…