I love rum in all forms, and over the last few years I have been attempting to taste as many good ones as I can. Recently I decided to take that up a notch and start learning as much about rum as possible. This blog is my way of keeping track of my tasting notes, comparisons, and reviews, as well as keeping all my rum information – links, books, etc – in one place. Given that I’ve found so much information on the web I figured that this blog would also be a handy way to share the information. I hope you find it useful.

On with the journey….

A few years ago I decided to find and try some good rums, so I did some research on the Internet, bought a couple books, and then started buying the recommended or highly-rated rums. I concentrated on aged rums for sipping, and found a number of great rums. I decided to expand my research, so I’ve been “collecting” rums recently – picking up a bottle here and there, and occasionally hunting down a rum that caught my interest.

The wide variety of rum means that I have a lot of choices, and a lot to learn. Currently I have about a bunch of rums – check my lists in the sidebar – mostly aged sipping rums but I’ve been adding better rums in all classes in order to learn as much as possible. (I have to admit that I have only a single flavored rum, though. It will take a bit of convincing for me to purchase another.) So these rums will be the basis of my studies, tasting, and (hopefully) enjoyment. I’m sure that I’ll be finding new rums as time goes on, of course. I’ll share my research, information and tasting notes as I go.

I’m not a professional taster by any means, so don’t expect a lot of fancy wine-tasting terms or remarks. Hopefully I’ll be able to teach something about rum, but my goal is really to share my thoughts about the rums I try. I’ll consider this all a great success if I can convince someone to try a great rum, or save another from buying a rum that isn’t worth the money.

On a slightly different note, I’ve found that my love for rum had lead my into the area of Tiki Drinks. No, not the sicky-sweet, poorly-made drinks you get at your local Chinese restaurant, but proper Tiki cocktails. A Mai Tai made with care and concern is a wonderful drink, a great blend of tastes, a delicate balance of sour and sweet, and a splendid way to show off a great rum or two.

The Tiki Drink Wizards like Donn Beach, Trader Vic, and Beachbum Berry have amassed a good deal of info about rum-based cocktails, and I like them. Because of this you may find me sliding off rums and into areas of tiki, whether by testing or comparing drinks recipes, or comparing ingredients for tiki drinks, or by taste-testing rums to see how they suit various tiki recipes. So even though a post or two might not seem to be related to rum, they somehow will be.

I may even discuss non-tiki rum drinks. I hope to get several different agricoles in order to do a ti’ punch comparison. And enough cachacas to do a caipirinha shootout. I love rum punches, and daiquiris, and – yes – pina coladas. In the end, it all comes down to rum.

To get some insight into my rums and my process of reviewing, you want want to check the following articles:

How I Review
Tasting Rum
List Of Rums I Have On Hand
List Of Rums I’d Like To Try
List Of Rums I Need To Replenish
And my imperfect list of Rum Rankings

I hope you enjoy this site.


If you wish to submit a rum for review please email me at the above address. All samples sent will be reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt, and will get a full write-up review and a dedicated page on this site. 


25 Responses to “About”

  1. hiutopor Says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  2. fp Says:

    try and get your hands on some Père Labat – white. In agricole there’s not much point in the amber and vieux if you want to experience the canefield. A vieux can be a lot like an aged “rhum industrielle” – so you lose what you gained by being agricole. Père Labat is from Marie Galante (Guadeloupe) and develops for about twenty minutes after it hits your palate. The 4.5 litre box is especially handy. Warning: it may spoil you for all these other rums you seem to be enjoying, they’ll have to be recalibrated against the pere labat.

  3. Nancy and Mark Says:

    Hey Scott, glad to have found your site. this is a dumb question, but we keep bringing Cpt Morgan white back from Canada – because it mixes well and can’t find it in the US. I’d like to know what sweet rums (but not spiced) you have found and think are OK. Not a straight up drinker, I enjoy mojito’s, and was taught to make them by the pitcher by my friend, who’s origins are Cuba/Puerto Rico. We always use the freshest ingredents, but always Bacardi. Any suggestions for a fun replacement?? btw, Mark is from the maritimes. moonshine is produced there – some is suger based (ie screech, etc). Have you ever tried any?
    thanks for the great website.

  4. Scottes Says:

    Sweet rums? I immediately think of Ron Zacapa 23 and especially Pyrat XO. The Ron Zacapa is not a mixing rum, but the Pyrat can be found for about $24 is most places in the US.

    For Mojitos I go with traditional rum – Havana Club or Ron Matusalem Platino for those in the US. But to make it interesting try throwing in 2-4 raspberries per glass and muddle them in. Or a strawberry or two. Small fresh fruit does wonders for making a Mojito interesting.

  5. RMS Says:

    If you’re already going up to Canada to get the Morgans, why not get the REAL Cuban rum (Havana Club)? The fresh mint + lime juice are not optional or substitutable. The genuine article is a lively and vivacious cocktail that is briskly refreshing.

    I’ve had screech while spending a month on Newfoundland [it rhymes with understand]. Woof. That’s some pretty rough stuff, really. But alas, I’d sampled it during a period of my life when my impressions of rum were soiled and trashed by having tried Bacardi.

  6. Scottes Says:

    Chances are very good that I will do what I can to at least sample the Havana Club rums while in Canada. No doubt…

  7. Henry Says:

    Great website. I’m a huge rum fan and have tried several different brands.

    IMHO Havana Club Blanco is the best white rum I’ve ever had. I also suggest serving it the way they did when I first tried it in Cuba. Pour the rum and your cola into a regular sized plastic beer cup at the same time until it gets to the top.

    This may sound like it’s strong but it’s not. I had several of these throughout the day and not once had a hangover. I enjoy this way every time.

    One rum I wish I could get here in Canada is Matusalem. I hear it’s a very good rum.

    One last rum I had recently in Las Vegas was a brand Montecristo Rum. I think I had the ten year old. Almost, if not slightly better than Havana Club.

    Again, they do not sell Montecristo rum in Canada. I tried seeing if I could order it, but only if I order it by the case, which is not in my current budget.

    One last rum I wish to try that I hear is decent is a brand called Pitu, that I hear has a slightly smokey flavor.

    My last piece of advice, at lkeast for buying Havana Club rum is stick to buying the Blanco. both myself and my close friends agree that all other aged Havana Club rum’s don’t taste the same as buying the bottle from Cuba itself. This may sound strange since they are imported, but it;s true. Maybe it has to do with storage conditions.

    Thanks for listening!

  8. Chris Says:

    Steve great site, where are you located? Great review of Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum, I fell in love with this rum with one sip on the cruise ship dock in St. Kitts in 2004. I bought two bottles that day. I live in S.E. Massachusetts and the closest I have found it was in a store around the Milford CT. area. Can you get this rum where you are?

  9. Scottes Says:

    Thanks Chris. Yes, I love the Brinley stuff -even the Coconut. But I can’t find it around here (just north of Boston), and pick it up in NYC when I get the chance. I’m actually glad that it’s in CT, since I’m there much more frequently than NYC.

  10. Michael Humeston Says:

    Exceptional site. Thanks for all the information and the time it took you to make it happen. I have a question… I live in Idaho and was wondering if it is legal to buy quality rums from ebay or other out of state venues for my collection. I can drive to Nevada or Oregon and acquire a small number of makers that way ….but am not sure about distant places.

    The Best to You and Yours


  11. Scottes Says:

    Thanks Mike. It doesn’t look good for you to order rum online. “Idaho law doesn’t allow out-of-state brewers, distillers, or retailers to ship beer or spirits directly to residents.” (From Idaho goverment document http://www.tax.idaho.gov/pdf/applications_registraton_forms/2006/EIS_Flyers/ESI00075_ID_Wine_DirectShipping_Requirement.pdf)

  12. Michael Humeston Says:

    Thanks Scott
    The strange thing is there is a distillery here in Boise called The Bardenay that makes rum. It’s a beautiful set up with the copper coil for all their dining patrons to view while eating and drinking. They have a special license with the feds I assume….as well as the State of Idaho. They sell the rum they make to the State Liquor Store and then buy it back for sale in their restaurant. I have a few bottles but haven’t had the gonads to try them yet??

  13. Scottes Says:

    I’ve heard of a few places in the US doing such things. It’s the easy way to pay the taxes, and get the tax stamp.

    If you’re not used to drinking spirits straight, try it with a bit of lime and a good ginger ale. This lets most of the tastes come through but won’t kill you.

  14. Michael Humeston Says:

    I will give the lime a try. It’s a clear rum made with cane sugar so I guess I can use it as a good carburetor cleaner if it’s too nasty. Thanks I appreciate this info.

  15. chaz Says:

    I like Florida Keys Rum Runners :-
    White rum, dark rum,151 rum, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, roses lime juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweet n sour, grenadine, triple sec, chips of ice shaken not stirred. Easy on the grenadine and banana liqueur.

    Need some suggestions for additional rums for the rum runner, and rum recipes including passion fruit or guava juice.

  16. Terry Says:

    Where can i get some Foursquare in Colorado or order it in US? Thanks

    • Scottes Says:

      Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe someone might reply… Or you might want to ask over on the Ministry of Rum forums.

  17. Russell Says:

    Nice to see someone giving decent reviews of rums out there, I think you do a decent job (I note specificly your comparisons to mass market rums like bicardi and mount gay).

    Though I see two things missing from your rum tastings, both due to lack of availability in the US I am sure.

    First is Rhum Agicole, I did see you tried St James, but this is such a mild Rhum Agricole that I really think you really did not get much idea about the style. I have spent over a year of my life in both Martinique and Guadaloupe, where it comes from, I love rum, but I HATE rhum agricole, St James is what I would buy because it was the most mild of them. They have a very grassy flavour, if you have ever drank pure fresh cane juice (thick green liquid that makes me ill, but it is the basis of rum) you know the flavour I mean. I know people who swear by french rhum though, its not my thing though, but I think given your website you really should experience more, especially beyond St James as it is not truely representative (think of St James as the Bicardi of french rhum).

    Next I notive a huge lack of Windward Islands rum in your tastings. I spent 6 years sailing the Caribbean on my boat, I have been to each island and to nearly all the distilleries. My favourite rums all came from the Windwards, Grenada in particular I fell in love with their rums. Outside of Jamacia and Barbados, west indian rum is largely missed, Europe tends to focus on the french rums and the US tends to favor Puerto Rican rums (with Dominican Rupublic, Jamacian and Barbadian rums following up). Wonderful rum is made however in Grenada, St Vincent, St Kitts and Antigua. Small batch distilleries, most of who do not produce for export, only local use, But these small distillers are the heart and soul of rum and make some of the finest rums I have tasted. Not something easy to source in the US, but if you love rum as much as you seem to, it sounds like you are due for a tour of the west indies and in the process discover the real rum, in many places even distilled in such traditional methods that upon seeing the distillery (dirt floors in a shack) you may think twice about tasting it, but when you do, you will see what you are missing.

  18. Toni Says:

    I would like to hear your opinion about Barbancourt 15 years rum. I noticed that you haven’t reviewed it yet, but frankly I doubt that you haven’t tasted it so far.

    My warmest regards


    • Scottes Says:

      The first time that I ever tried Barbancourt 15 was many years ago. My friend and I found it to be disgusting and undrinkable. After 3 or 4 shots, we dumped it out into the campfire.

      Recently, I tried the 8-year-old in a blind taste test, and was blown away by how good it was.

      I really have to give the 15-year-old a try again. My taste buds have definitely changed since the first time.

  19. Michael Says:

    I recently tried the MaiTai at Rumba. Not usually one for tiki drinks, but it was fantastic. It listed Barbancourt Reserve (which could be the 8 or the 15) and Appleton 15 yr. I had previously tried straight Barbancourt (I think the 8) in Hawaii. I thought it was OK, but nothing spectacular.

    I also had a glass of the Clement Cuvee Homere at Rumba. My new #1, though Zafra 21 is not far behind. Unfortunately on a recent trip to Joyal’s I discovered the shelf had a vacancy bewteen the VSOP and the XO!

  20. Doug Says:

    Looking for info on old sealed bottle of Rhum des plantation
    St james. must be at least 40 -50 yrs old.
    at bottom of label it says 47
    seuls importeurs
    Rhum st james s a (anciens e. lambert)
    st james
    martinque marseille paris bordeaux
    the unbroken seal does have a date on it as 1877
    is that possible


  21. Scott Says:

    I’m surprised not to see Pusser’s navy rum on your list – I made the acquaintance of this one about a week ago, and have already gone through almost half my bottle of the blue label.

    The wooden pot still gives it a very interesting taste, complex and strong but very drinkable.

    Also I recommend you give Capt Morgan private stock a miss, I liked it when I first tried it (before I had any good rums) but the flavor goes south within a few weeks, not sure if excessive use of vanilla and caramel might have made it oxidize? Pusser’s is around the same price and is far more interesting.

  22. Ray Choy (Sydney, Australia) Says:

    13th Nov 2011
    Dear Scott,

    I came upon your site a few years ago and that started me on my love of rums. I love cigars and until then would pair them with wine, cognac or whisky, but never rum. My first experiences with rum were Bunderberg and Bacardi and that turned me off rum for years until I came across your reviews. I am now a commited student of rums, thanks to you. I prefer rums for sipping rather than in cocktails. I keep returning to your site hoping for more recent tasting notes, only to be disappointed so far. While I have discovered other rum sites, and while I may not always agree with your comments, I do like your take on rums and sincerely hope you start up your reviews again.


  23. Karim Says:


    I have enjoyed your website and your reviews for years, finding that we share many similar opinions and rum favorites. I would love for you to try a rum from Costa Rica – Ron Centenario Fundacion XX Anos. Given that you, like myself, are a huge fan of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 – I am confident that you will enjoy Fundacion. Although it seems that it’s distribution is growing, it’s not that easy to find. After speaking to several liquor store owners/managers, I’m finding that the rum is available from their distributors but the stores are not stocking it. I’ve had to order it online and have it shipped to me. Also, it used to be sold in a beautiful artisan leather wrapped bottle – the leather being stamped with 2 crests along with the lettering. However, I now only find the rum in a newer (regular) clear glass bottle. I hope you can find a bottle and enjoy a snifter or two. If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Thanks for your site and your reviews. And thanks for promoting rum!

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