Reminder – Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival (with rum, too)

Just a reminder that the Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival is tomorrow night, from 6:00 to 9:00 in the West Club Lounge at Heinz Field.

They say there will be rums. That’s a good thing.

I know that Clement and J. M. Rhums will be there. Say hello to Ben (he’s the tall fellow) and ask for a Ti Punch if he’s making them. A bit of simple syrup, a lime wedge, some ice and a healthy splash of agricole. Simple, but a fantastic way to enjoy agricole, and an absolute must if you’ve never had agricole. If you’re lucky, they’ll have the Rhum J. M. 1997, an aged agricole that rivals the finest cognacs in complexity. This rhum was one of the hits at the Rum Fest in New York City a couple weeks ago. Very highly recommended.

Zaya will be there also. This is one of my favorite rums and is simply fantastic. This Guatemalan rum is slightly sweet, rich with flavor, and aged 12 years. Delicious.

The festival will also include a boatload of whiskeys, along with a smattering of bourbons, ryes, brandies, and vodka. The food menu looks quite nice, too.

It looks like quite a shindig. I just wish it wasn’t a 10-hour drive…


One Response to “Reminder – Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival (with rum, too)”

  1. Dr. Bamboo Says:

    There’s a *very* outside chance I might be there (some planets still need to align!)

    If so, I’ll do my best to hit up the good stuff and get a blog post happening.

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