The Gnomon Rulez – Homemade Orgeat and more

A discussion about Orgeat syrups was started over on the Tiki Central Forums, and soon it digressed as some threads are wont to do. Luckily, in this case, the thread digressed into a discussion of homemade Orgeat – including a 10-minute “emergency” version – and homemade Rock Candy Syrup, and then digressed further to discussed a homemade “Pickless Drink Pick Rock Candy Swizzle Stick” which sounds like a work of art.

This information is amazing and priceless in my opinion, and The Gnomon is to be commended for sharing this info.

Check these posts out:
Homemade Orgeat
Emergency Orgeat Syrup
Homemade Rock Candy Syrup
Pickless Drink Pick Rock Candy Swizzle Stick (It’s the second post in the Rock Candy Syrup thread)

I am *so* looking forward to a Mai Tai right now! And one with a fancy swizzle stick.


12 Responses to “The Gnomon Rulez – Homemade Orgeat and more”

  1. Rick Says:

    This post excites me greatly, and I haven’t even read it yet! So many pictures and ideas. I tried my hand at homemade orgeat a while ago, and while good, it wasn’t better than some commercial ones. Hopefully this will re-motivate me.

  2. Scott Says:

    Rick, wait until you read about the Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks. You’re going to love them.

    I expect a photo from you with one… 🙂

  3. tradertiki Says:

    I was watching that thread.

    Damn, I remember making Rock Candy as a kid, but Rock Candy syrup just never clicked in my head. Likely because the Trader Vic’s stuff never crystallized.

    At TV’s, the swizzle stick came in the Navy Grog. Delish!

  4. Rick Says:

    This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve read in some time. I am now eager to attempt orgeat syrup again and see if I can create some rock candy syrup. The process is very intriguing and doesn’t seem that difficult.

  5. Scottes Says:

    Yeah, I was pretty hyped on it when The Gnomon posted it. It’s interesting as hell.

    The processes for both aren’t too bad at all, but I’d recommend following his instructions *exactly* the first time around. I made Orgeat a different way, which involved much squeezing of almonds through cheesecloth. That part alone ensured that I’d never do it again. But The Gnomon’s way, involving the strainer and very little cheesecloth, is a fantastic piece of advice.

    His tip on determining when sugar syrup becomes rock candy is also very, very important.

  6. Adam Says:

    I make a pretty mean Mai Tai at my bar, however I use Creme de Noya. Im wondering how I can make my own orgeat. I read how to make the almond milk, however I was wondering how it gets that red color like creme de noya or almond? If I make my Mai tai with the almond milk described, i fear the mai tai wont be sweet enough, but too bland.

  7. Scottes Says:

    Orgeat is a milky white color. The original Mai Tai recipe called for both orgeat and rock candy syrup, so if it’s not sweet enough just add some simple syrup. If you’re worried about bland – don’t be – but try making the orgeat with turbinado sugar which adds some nice flavors.

    The original Mai Tai was a shade of tan, not red at all.

    Check out Beachbum Berry’s $100 Mai Tai for one of the absolute best versions of a Mai Tai:

  8. Adam Says:

    Thanks Scott, Im trying it out, ill let you know how it comes out.

  9. Adam Says:

    Okay, Im definetly doing something wrong….

    The almond milk smells and tastes like stale tuna fish. I also tried a batch with macademia nuts, this tastes like sour vomit. Im not sure which was worse. I let it sit for nearly 48 hours. I know after 12 hours, it tasted fine but not overly flavorful yet, figured 2 days should do the trick. I followed step by step…

    Also, I made the rock candy syrup, that came out good.

  10. Scottes Says:

    Stale tuna fish?? OK, it won’t taste or smell great at the milk point, but it shouldn’t smell that bad. The sugar will bring up a lot more almond taste & the orange flower water will really open it up.

    Give this recipe a try:
    It’s slightly different, but the pictures help quite a bit.

    Also, it sometimes helps to have some *quality* almond extract around, just in case the orgeat needs a little help.

  11. Adam Says:

    I kinda gave up on this one, perhaps it was the source of nuts I got… Youd figure a nut store would sell a good product! ANyway, I bought Trader Vic’s orgeat. Our Mai Tai will be Scott approved in a few days!!

    By the way, if you ever wanted some great tiki art, check out This guy is very creative, I own one print of his. He’s got one called “The Mai Tai Maker” which I want! Very cool art!

  12. Scottes Says:

    Oh, I know Thor’s work! I actually have “The Mai Tai Maker” hanging on a wall. It is *very* cool.

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