Rum Run – Joyal’s Liquors

This morning I went out on a Rum Run to look for some particular rums – actually agricole and cachaca. Massachusetts has lousy liquor distribution sometimes, and finding a variety of cachaca has been tough, and agricole is almost non-existent. But after chatting with Edward Hamilton and Cachaca Dave I found that Connecticut had some possibilities of both. Ed gave me some leads on La Favorite and Neisson agricoles, and Dave emailed me a list of places to look for Fazenda Mae De Ouro. I programmed some addresses into my GPS and drove over an hour to Hartford.

Connecticut apparently doesn’t allow liquor stores to be open on Sunday.

What a bust! What a buffoon! I should have known, actually, since I’ve been camping in Connecticut for 12 years. And Massachusetts was dry on Sundays for many many years. I really should have known. Oh well, there’s always next week…

Joyal’s Liquors
On the way home I went out of my way to check out Joyal’s Liquors in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Some Internet searching had implied that they had a good rum selection, and their inventory listed Appleton Estate 21-year-old. For $62. Searches on the web show $89 to be a normal price for this rum, and I love Appleton rums, so I headed over.

It was well worth it. Joyal’s stocks a very nice selection of rums (and one hell of a selection of single malts, if you like that stuff). I got the Appleton 21, a bottle of Ron Botran Anejo (a 12-year-old from Ron Zacapa), English Harbor 5-year-old (which I’ve heard very good things about) and a bottle of Clement Creole Shrubb (an orange rum liqueur – which makes sense after sampling the Pyrat XO).

In addition to the rums I got, Joyal’s had many of the “standard” good rums – Ron Zacapa 15 and 23, Zaya, Montecristo 12-year-old, Pyrat XO, Ron Pampero, Lemon Hart Demerrara (not the 151 though) and a slew of other top shelf rums. They had a few others that caught my eye – Diplomatico, Starr African, and D’Aristi – but these need some online research before I buy them on a whim. (If you have knowledge of these last three please leave a comment.)

Joyal’s definitely goes on my list of worthwhile stops for people looking for good rums. And their prices are very good, compared to what I usually pay in Massachusetts. They even have their rum inventory online.

Joyal’s Liquors
90 West Warwick Ave. Rte 117
West Warwick, RI

All in all it was a good rum weekend. I just have to wait until I’m in the mood to try this Appleton Estate 21-year-old…


One Response to “Rum Run – Joyal’s Liquors”

  1. JohnMan Says:

    Scott is dead on – Joyal’s has a killer rum selection. Plus their prices are very reasonable.

    The only other place in RI that that could even come close to Joyal’s selection is Gasbarro’s in Providence. The prices at Gasbarro’s are very high though.

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