Flor de Caña 21

Some time ago, while rum-hunting, I scanned the shelves behind the cash register looking for nips of anything that might interest me. I did see one, a nip of Hennessy X.O. for $15. That was for a nip! Well, I was interested, but I already had 4 bottles of rum in a bag, and a decent bill to pay, so I skipped it. As I walked out I saw a bottle of Flor de Caña 21 high on the shelf behind the register.

Now I was really interested.

But for $75, I had to pass.

I can resist anything except temptation…
For weeks that bottle beckoned me, calling my name over the distance of many miles. Every time I desired a sip of rum I thought about that bottle. That blue ceramic bottle needed a home, and I heard it whimper and cry. I was heartbroken.

I finally broke down, made a special drive to that liquor store, and purchased that lovely blue bottle and a bottle of Ron Matusalem Platino. Carefully, I packed them safely for the drive home, went directly home, and tossed the Platino to one side before I lovingly placed that bottle of 21 on a shelf.

Where it waited.

And waited.

It was no longer crying my name, but rather teasing me with it’s presence every time I walked into the room.

And I ignored it, as I never had simultaneously the desire nor the time to give it the respect it was due.

Time to Taste
Flor de Caña 21 is not 21-year-old rum, as one might assume from the name. It is actually “slow-aged” for 15 years, and the “21” signifies that it is a rum for the 21st century. The term “slow-aged” is trademarked by Flor de Caña to somehow signify that they age their rum. Their web site divulges nothing but marketing fluff about this term or process. It sounds like regular old aging to me.

But the rum itself… Let’s see what that’s like…

Initial Tastes
This rum is a dark gold, almost copper color. It smells a bit sweet, but with a balance of darker smells and a bit of spice and barrel. As I sip, the sweetness is not as apparent as in the smell, but the spiciness and dark fruits achieve some balance and then go far beyond. Several tastes mingle, and then a rush of spiciness hits, leaving the mouth tingling quite pleasantly. The finish is short, but very pleasant, while the tingling spices continue. Overall there’s a bit of a burn, but it seems to be more spicy than alcohol.

I added a touch of water, and swirled to mix and aerate. This brought up the sweetness a bit, and drastically cut back the spiciness and what little burn it had. There are more flavors now, fairly complex. Toffee or dark chocolate, maybe? Raisins, and a hint of sherry? There are many similar tastes in there now, and they all work quite well together. The water tames the harsh side a bit, while letting some other flavors come out. Very nicely done.

All in all, this is a very good rum. Decently sweet, quite complex, quite smooth with a mild burn and everything finishing with spices that leave the mouth tingling. The balance of flavors, the flow from start to finish, is very well done. There’s no doubt that this is a high quality rum, and that great care has been taken to make it.

I can easily recommend it – as long as you can handle the price. I paid $75, but have seen mention of $60 on the web. If you don’t mind paying this much for a rum then you won’t be unhappy. It really is quite good.

Flor de Caña: http://www.flordecana.com/


11 Responses to “Flor de Caña 21”

  1. Rum lover Says:

    I purchased the Rum after reading the review and I am now officially an alcoholic. Best rum I have ever tasted, With 2 ice cube and nice cigar… I’m in heaven!

  2. nica Says:

    this is the only rum i enjoy drinking

  3. Big Steve Says:

    The Best Damm Rum I ever tasted !!!! & I had them all………

  4. Chichigalpina Says:

    That is the rum of my country!!!!! and my city (Chichigalpa) where it is produced:) , I have paid in Barcelona 50 Euros, I am happy to find it here. 🙂

  5. angie Says:

    can anyone tell me where I can buy this? Had it in mexico and really want to get a bottle of the 18yr flor de cana. The flor de cana website isn’t working… please help!!!

  6. eddie Says:

    google flor de cana and you’ll find the web site

  7. Jegc Says:

    Ok ok it’s good but not the best… even The guy that write the reviews has told it that the best rum is Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 years and when you all try it you’ll see 😉

  8. quebecer Says:


    I bought a few Zacapa 23 years last years and i was not able to keep then long enough to compare with the Flor de Cana 21 centunerio. But as you mentionne the Zacapa 23 years is by far the best ruhm I ever drank… but now I have to give a chande to the Cana 21 centunerio.. i’ll keep you posted.

  9. mitchell burch Says:

    While the Flor is an excellent rum Zacapa 23 is by far my personal favorite. I do keep a bottle of Flor in my collection though!

  10. Tom Valerius Says:

    Not truly an aficionado but I find 8 yr. old Bacardi with only ice in a, Irish cut glass low ball to be very satisfying at sun set on my patio at my lake side Miami Home – Cheaper! Tasty, Spiritual – insightful!?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I have one bottle for sale. It has been properly kept. It is in original package, bag and labels. Bids any one?

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