Tasting Rum

In this thread over at the Ministry Of Rum forum, Ed Hamilton describes how he goes through the process of tasting a rum. It’s an interesting quick read, as the process definitely differs from tasting wine, cognac, or whiskeys.


One Response to “Tasting Rum”

  1. Capn Jimbo Says:

    One of the subjects that gets short shrift is the art of tasting and the associated subject of choosing a good glass. Like many of you these subjects have intrigued me, so I ended up spending many, many hours researching and compiling a digest of tasting techniques as practiced by some of the leading rum tasters on the net.

    I also examined a great number of different glasses and discussed how they differed in effective tasting.

    This link will take you Chapters 3 and 4 covering tasting and glasses…


    BTW, we found the most effective glass to be a 6 oz, apple-shaped, long stem dessert wine glass from IKEA at just $1.99 (sadly discontinued). Enjoy…

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