Cachaca vs Agricole

I just stumbled onto an intersting thread, Cachaça vs. Rhum Agricole, over on Drinkboy’s forums. This is a great discussion about the differences between Cachaca and Agricole. I found it to be quite interesting. On the surface they sound the same – both are made from fresh sugar cane juice – but the rest of the story gets to be quite different.

It also made me realize that I need to get my hands on some more Cachacas and Agricoles, in order to compare them to each other and also amongst themselves. I only have 1 Cachaca (Leblon) and the 3 or 4 Agricoles (Clement, St. James, Kaniche) that I have are all aged (at least a little). Not a correct comparison. So I need another young Cachaca, a couple aged ones, and a couple young Argicoles.

My curiousity may have to wait a bit, as my wallet is cringing from the thought of springing for 5 more rums.


One Response to “Cachaca vs Agricole”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Try the Ypioca line of cachaca

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