Prichard’s Fine Rum

I just finished tasting and reviewing Prichard’s Crystal Rum and my surprise quickly made me want to try the Fine Rum. Would the very high quality be present in the Fine Rum? Would have tastes more reminiscent of rum? Would the small-barrel aging bring out the flavors? I had to know, and I had to know now.

Prichard’s Distillery
Prichard’s Fine Rum is distilled in classic copper pot stills, and is aged in new 15-gallon charred white oak barrels. The smaller size of the barrel gives more rum-to-oak contact and is supposed to pass on the qualities quicker. It’s made from “the best premium, table grade molasses” – is that any different from the Crystal’s “finest, Louisiana, grade A fancy molasses” in any way? In any case both molasses sound good so maybe it’s just marketing. I guess it doesn’t matter if the final product is good.

This rum won a gold medal at the 2006 International Sugar Cane Spirits Festival and Tasting Competition, and another gold medal at the 2007 Cane Spirits Competition. It gets some very good reviews, and I’ve been looking to try it after having tried the high quality of the Crystal rum. I am just hoping this has more flavor.

The Bottle
From the bottle:
Using age old pot still techniques and premium molasses, this fine Tennessee Rum is a unique recreation of the original American spirit. The smooth, flavorful taste of Prichard’s Fine Rum is excellent for just sipping.

The word “flavorful” has my hopes up. But I thought applejack was the original American spirit? I could be wrong.

Initial Tastes
The rum is a light golden one, and hey, it smells like rum! Yay! Yes, is has a nice, hearty rum smell, with some molasses and heavy fruit smells. A touch of vanilla, too. Very pleasant.

The first sip is instantly sweet, and extremely tasty. Quite smooth, with a quick slight burn at the end, and a finish that lingers. A second larger sip smacks the mouth with tastes that are strong and pleasing. Definitely on the sweet side, but with enough balance to keep that from being a bad thing. The sweetness hits first and is replaced by some fruity tastes and some stronger, slightly bitter tastes. My mouth tingles a bit after swallowing, the tastes linger, and the burn is far from objectionable.

Well I let the last sip sit for some time while I perused the Web and caught up on some forums. The final sip… Hmmm, smells a bit sweeter, more fruit and less molasses. Very nice. I can’t say that any more tastes came out, but it sure was tasty.

In the end, I think this is a very fine rum. A little sweet but balanced, nicely fruity and more than smooth enough to sip neat. I see no need to put this over ice, but that certainly couldn’t hurt either. It seems like it would be a bit of a waste in most cocktails, though simpler ones that let rum stand out would be fine. Ginger ale and a touch of lime would be wonderful.

But at $36 this is on the edge of being worth it. Any cheaper and I’d grab it if I were you. Or grab it if you simply like good rums. Even at $36 you won’t be wasting your money if you buy a bottle of Prichard’s Fine Rum, but it probably won’t be the first bottle you want to grab when you sit down for a neat rum.

Prichard’s Distillery:


4 Responses to “Prichard’s Fine Rum”

  1. Roger Says:

    I don’t know what rum you were trying, but I tried this “Fine Rum” after reading this review. I don’t know where you got sweet, balanced, fruity or smooth for taste. This “rum” tasted like bourbon and nothing like rum at all. I had to triple check the label to make sure I didn’t get bourbon by mistake.

  2. Scottes Says:

    I have to wonder how you’re tasting bourbon. From their web site: “Prichards’ Fine Rum is sealed in new, 15-gallon charred oak casks made from the heartwood of the white oak tree.” New barrels don’t taste like bourbon.

    Of course, they might have changed their process in the last year – the bottle that I have is at least 1.5 years old. But I’d be surprised if they started using old bourbon barrels, since their aging process is one of their key traits.

  3. Roger Says:

    I wondered that, if their process changed, or something went horribly wrong with the batch I purchased. So far, all of your other reviews where I’ve sampled the rum have been dead on, and thanks to you I’ve tasted some fantastic rums that I’ve never heard about. This one left me scratching my head (and brushing my tongue with a heavy dose of Crest).

  4. Capn Jimbo Says:

    Sue Sea and I had the great opportunity to find, buy and taste the wonderful Prichard’s Fine Rum. Our posted review and notes are very much in agreement with yours, Scotte, and Prichards earned a very high score (8.5) from us. For the complete review and copious notes please click on my name, which is linked.

    Wonderful. BTW, we put Prichard’s in our Jamaican style section, due to its wonderful, pungent and fruity aroma….

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